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May 2, 2012

Carnival of Evolution #47 now up at Evolving Thoughts

Carnival of Evolution 47: All the Evolution News that’s Fit to Blog

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Now at Evolving Thoughts:

Welcome to the 47th edition of the Carnival of Evolution. We have had our science reporters out in force hunting down the best of the blogosphere on evolution and related subjects, and here they are for your delectation and delight and other d-words.

Go there now, and see what the big white ape has in store…

March 7, 2012

The Carnival of Evolution is now up!

The latest edition of the Carnival of Evolution is now up at Splendour Awaits!  And this 45th edition really bugs me!

If you wish to submit to CoE #46, visit the Carnival of Evolution for guidelines and to see previous issues. You can submit your blog posts at Blog Carnival, or contact the next host at Synthetic Daisies.

October 18, 2010

Herps and Beetles

We have the twin spectacle of two great blog carnivals showing up on the same day: House of Herps (the creatures, not the disease) is doing a rain-dance at Mainly Mongoose, a cool South African-based site run by zoologist Lynda.

And for the beetle lovers among you (and who couldn’t be?) An Inordinate Fondness has gone next door, to roost at Beetles in the Bush.

March 4, 2010

I and the Bird Awaits…

I and the Bird

While Ted MacRae gives a fine account of  the March Carnivalia at Beetles in the Bush, he neglects to mention that the the latest edition of I and the Bird is up at Sand Creek Almanac. Go there forthwith.

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February 18, 2010

New: Beetle Blog Carnival Launched

Ted MacRae, author of the blog Beetles in the Bush and a research entomologist and a specialist in woodboring beetles (families Buprestidae and Cerambycidae) and tiger beetles (family Cicindelidae), has launched the inaugural edition of An Indordinate Fondness.

From the introduction:

When asked by an English cleric what his studies of nature’s diversity had taught him about the Creator, 20th Century British geneticist and noted evolutionary biologist J.B.S. Haldane reportedly quipped, “He has an inordinate fondness for beetles.” While there is some uncertainty whether Haldane ever actually spoke these words, no one can argue with their truth.

In fact, nearly half of all insects and one quarter of all described living species are beetles—350,000 and counting. They occur in virtually every habitat imaginable and exhibit innumerable, often brightly colored—even iridescent—and architecturally elaborate forms. Their impacts on humans are also many, not only as pests and beneficial organisms, but also as cultural symbols and objects of passionate scientific and philatelic interest.

An Inordinate Fondness is a celebration of beetles—of their indescribable beauty, amazing forms, and astonishing diversity. We hope you will join us in this celebration every month, as we highlight the best that the blogosphere has to offer on this fascinating group of animals.

The administrator for An Inordinate Fondness is Ted C. MacRae, author of Beetles In The Bush.

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