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Recommended books


Alfred Wallace
Charles Darwin
Thomas Huxley

Web-based Educational Resources

Evolution for Children

Natural History Museum, London. (9 – 14 yrs)

The Evolution Readiness Project

Evolution for Young Adults

Understanding Evolution

PBS Evolution for students

Teaching Resources on Evolution

Teaching Evolution in the Classroom from The Journal of Effective Teaching

Darwin Now as provided by the British Council, for 5 – 16 year old students

Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes for High School Biology Teachers

Evolution: Education and Outreach on teaching evolution

Evolution Education from the National Center for Science Education

Creation/Evolution Journal – refuting creationism, from the NCSE

Charles Darwin Education Resources from ARKive, for 11 to 16 year olds

ActionBioscience – resources on biology and evolution

Understanding Evolution for Teachers

PBS Evolution for Teachers

Evolution Resources

Academic Earth – full video lectures on Darwin’s Legacy

EvoTutor – java-based interactive simulations on various principles of evolution

In the light of evolution III: Two centuries of Darwin from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Transitional fossils – special edition from Evolution: Education and Outreach

Earth Science Essentials from the NSF-supported Earth Science Literacy Initiative (ESLI).

Evolver Zone regularly updated evo. info. from T. Ryan Gregory (University of Guelph)

Darwin, an edition of Evolution: Education and Outreach

Darwin Turns 200: from Science News

The Evolution of Evolution from Scientific American

Eye Evolution, a complex organ edition of Evolution: Education and Outreach

Talk Origins, the website for evolution/creationism controversy

Evolution Resources from the National Academies

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