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October 16, 2011

Timelapse frame captures falling meteor.

On a recent trip to southern Alberta, I set up my camera to record a timelapse sequence overnight. Unfortunately, cloud cover swept in and my exposure settings resulted in too dark a sequence. However, in one frame, at 2:33 AM on the 23 of September, this image appeared:

"Meteor photographed in Red Rock Coulee, Alberta."

© Adrian Thysse 2011. Click to enlarge...

I happened to be awake at that time, and I did notice an extended flash behind me, but I passed it off as a lightening flash and went back to sleep. I only realized what had happened when I scrolled through the images later that morning.

Photo Facts: RAW capture, ISO 1600, 25 sec. @ about f3.5 /5.6 (manual lens, f stop not recorded). Lightened 2 stops in Lightroom 3.5. Image © Adrian Thysse 2011

August 19, 2011

Designs for the new Royal Alberta Museum

Below are 4 views of design proposals for the new Royal Alberta Museum, set to be built in downtown Edmonton by 2015. Albertans have one week to view the designs and leave comments by visiting the Government of Alberta Infrastructure page.

"Royal Alberta Museum designs, Edmonton"

See the complete set of  images at Flikr.

And visit the Edmonton Journal for more information.

May 11, 2011

Conserving and Creating–Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

CPAWS, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society has produced a new promotional video–check it out.

March 26, 2011

Earth Hour Tonight!

From WWF:

Climate change is the biggest environmental threat to our planet and the number one concern for Canadians. We are already seeing its impacts. Participating in Earth Hour is a simple way to show that you want to be a part of the solution and sends a powerful message to others that together we can make a difference.

Want to participate? Visit Earth Hour now.

March 15, 2011

Alberta Still Stagnant on Faith-based Schooling

In Morinville, education without superstition is not an option:

It wasn’t until her seven-year-old son asked her if he’d burn in hell that Marjorie Kirsop became concerned.

A Catholic education is the only local option for the Kirsop family and everyone else in Morinville, Alta., a community of 8,100 northwest of Edmonton. It’s a unique situation, rooted in the town’s origins as an outpost of French-Canadian Catholicism in the late 1800s. But this fall, when five-year-old Sarah Kirsop declared she had converted to Catholicism, her mother joined a group of local families who are challenging the status quo.

Read the complete article by Kate Hammer in The Globe and Mail.

Update: 24 March, 2011 Alberta Gov. still useless on enforcing parent’s rights.

December 21, 2010

Some Alberta Families Can’t Find a Secular School

A news story from Alberta highlights why it is necessary for the province to end the public funding of faith schools. A family in Morinville is unable to find a secular school  because all the schools  in the area are publicly funded Catholic schools.

From the St. Albert Gazette:

In a presentation to the board on Monday, Donna Hunter said her daughter, who attends Notre Dame Elementary School in Morinville, is entitled to receive a secular education under section 2(a) Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The act states that all Canadians have a right to freedom of conscience and religion and, said Hunter, this includes freedom from religion.

“My main concern is the religion, to me there is no separation. She goes to school, they say grace before snack, they say a prayer at every school assembly. The Christmas concert was A Miracle on Bethlehem Street, every song was Catholic,” Hunter said after Tuesday’s presentation.

She said she has already brought her concerns to Minister of Education Dave Hancock and Premier Ed Stelmach.

Referencing the Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta, Hunter argued public schools are founded on the principle of inclusion and are governed by a democratic process open to every member of the community regardless of religious convictions.

Read the complete story in the St. Albert Gazette.

December 7, 2010

Publicly Funded Faith Schools in Alberta. Why?

Alberta is one of three provinces in Canada still funding separate religious schools. This  is not a right granted to all religions, but only to Roman Catholics and Protestants. As we live in a 21 century multi-cultural society, some wonder why this privilege is only extended to certain Christians, and why any government in a modern democratic society would fund the education of select religious groups.

David King, an ex-Alberta Education Minister, has started a webpage to raise the issue with the current Alberta Government. From the website:

The Issue provides you with an introduction to the arguments against Roman Catholic and Protestant separate schools in plain English. It also discusses the history and consitutionality of separate schools. The information is provided in a question and answer format with convenient links to other pages for additional information.

The Possibilities discusses why this is an important time to have a provincial discussion about separate schools. The Government of Alberta is currently rewriting the laws that govern schools in our province. It is important for Albertans to have a discussion about separate schools that is heard by provincial leaders.

The Petition allows you to add your name to a list of Albertans who disapprove of separate schools for Roman Catholics and Protestants. This petition asks for a referendum on the disestablishment of separate schools in conjunction with the next provincial election.

Your Thoughts provides you and other visitors with a forum for respectful discussion about the disestablishment of Roman Catholic and Protestant separate schools.

Albertan? Visit Disestablish Separate Schools in Alberta and make your voice heard by signing the petition.

From the Calgary Herald: Former education minister urging for single school system.



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