Inspired by Darwin

Set up by the Charles Darwin Trust (which was created by Darwin’s descendants), Darwin Inspired is an educational resource for teachers and children. From the website:

"Down House, Kent. 23 Aug, 2006"

Charles Darwin’s home – Down House, Kent. 23 Aug, 2006

The Charles Darwin Trust uses the intellectual and cultural heritage of Darwin, through his approach to science and his work at Down House and in the immediate countryside, to inspire a deeper understanding of the natural world.

We aim to:

  • promote a real understanding of the natural world to ensure that biodiversity and life on earth survive
  • improve and extend science literacy and the understanding of science
  • use Darwin Inspired teaching and learning to promote excellence in science education
  • enhance the understanding of Darwin’s historical and contemporary significance.
We achieve this through research and development of Darwin Inspired education materials, and through developing programmes for teachers and schools. These programmes are delivered through collaboration with major organisations and at Down House.
We aspire to improve public access on the web to the whole Darwin heritage. We are playing a leading role, with English Heritage and the Natural History Museum, in developing proposals for collaboration between all the main holders of Darwin material.
 There are resources for teachers (for students 7 year olds and up) as well as student resources. And don’t forget to subscribe the their blog.

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