Written in Stone – Free Preview

The NCSE has released a free preview of Brian Switek’s new book, Written in Stone: Evolution, the Fossil Record, and our Place in Nature. Brian is the author of the blog Laelaps and the Smithsonian online magazine, Dinosaur Tracking. The preview is an extract from the chapter, “Footprints and Feathers on the Sands of Time”, and it deals with the discoveries of feathered dinosaurs and the origin of birds.

Brian was one the first bloggers that I came to read regularly, due to his skill at clearly and concisely explaining issues in paleontology and for his knowledge of the history of that science. His book is due to be released sometime on or soon after November 15 this year, and can be ordered from Amazon. It would make a brilliant Christmas gift (hint – wife, are you reading this?) for anyone interested in science and man’s place in nature.
Late addition: see a great interview with Brian at A Blog Around the Clock
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  1. I am reading the book right now. Excellent narrative.



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