Welcome to the new Evolving Complexity. Please note I am still updating pages and categorizing blog links.

This blog has gone through  a number of name changes before and now that I am changing blog hosts I will do so one more time: A Natural Evolution will be a new comprehensive version of the old Evolving Complexity. My original intent will be adhered to, but in a more organized manner. I hope to make it a better reference site through the use of WordPress’ page-making ability which allows me to organize all the links and resources that I have collected over the last few years. Science will still be the basis for blog, and the blog pages will reflect that (see tabs above):

  • evolution education resources for all.
    • resources on the history of natural history
  • education resources for the understanding of science
    • free adult learning resources on the web
  • environment and conservation links
  • science quotes that inspire and enlighten
  • sites on reason, science-based skepticism and critical thinking
    • sites that examine religion from a scholarly viewpoint
  • my other web projects and links to sites that reflect my other  interests can be found in My World.

The page making ability of some WordPress templates allows the creation of a hybrid website/blog that provides the flexibility to blog about the latest news releases and information while at the same time being able to access reference information quickly on more stable website-like pages. I hope that this new approach will make the site a useful resource for all those who believe in the value of  life long learning.

As usual, comments and constructive critiques are always welcome.

4 Comments to “Welcome!”

  1. Take it from another Blogger moved to WordPress – you will never regret the move!

  2. Updated! Adrian – Be expecting a package in the mail from me…

  3. Adrian! Stop Moving! lol You are like a serial blog starter.

  4. Welcome to your new how. All my links/subscriptions have been fully updated.


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