Tonight: Vampire Fish on NGC

Tonight, the National Geographic Channel‘s series Hooked features the mega-toothy.

The Hooked series will appeal to the fishing sportsman and to those interested in science and the state of some of the world’s largest fish. Tonight’s episode deals with Dr. Justin Grubich’s attempts to get tooth imprints from the pacu, which has human-like teeth, and the ‘vampire’ fish or Payara with its two-inch fangs. Dr Grubich hopes to gain insight into how the fish are adapting to changes in the food chain due to pollution.

Also featured in this episode are the Goliath tiger fish of the Congo, Australia’s great white shark and the alligator gar of the southeastern United States.

(All images courtesy of National Geographic and the copyright holders. Pacu and Payara image © Julia Dorn, Alligator gar skull © The Field Museum)


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