Heinrich Anton de Bary – Mycologist

From Today in Science History:

Heinrich Anton de Bary. Born 26 Jan 1831; died 19 Jan 1888.

German botanist, a founder of modern mycology and plant pathology for his research into the roles of fungi and other agents in causing plant diseases. He determined the life cycles of many fungi, for which he developed a classification that has been retained in large part by modern mycologists. Among the first to study host-parasite interactions, and ways in which fungi penetrate host tissues, in 1853, he asserted that fungi cause rust and smut diseases of plants. In 1865 he proved that the life cycle of wheat rust involves two hosts, wheat and barberry. De Bary was the first to show (1866) that lichens consist of a fungus and an alga in intimate association. He coined the term symbiosis (1879) to mean a mutually beneficial partnership between two organisms.


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