Lizard in Amber For Sale

From Live Auctioneers:

Anolis dominicianus ?
Dominican Republic

“This extremely rare and scientifically important specimen is the largest lizard ever found in amber. In fact, it is the largest complete animal ever discovered in amber and among the finest fossil vertebrates known to exist.
Amber is the common name for fossilized tree resin, or sap, which seeping from the trunks and branches of prehistoric flora 30-90 million years ago would occasionally trap an unwitting insect in its slow but sticky and inexorable path. Such specimens are highly prized, for, distinct from fossils; they represent the incredible preservation of a life form physically unchanged over millions of years. Almost unheard of, however, is for a nugget of amber to contain an animal as large and spectacular as the 3 ½inchlong lizard we have here. Only a handful of geckos and lizards have been discovered preserved in this way, making this specimen one of the very rarest prizes on the Natural History market. Held suspended in its golden cage, it could almost be swimming, and so perfect is the state of preservation – every detail of the skin and the muscle structure beneath, the articulation of the digits and their protruding claws, is as clearly visible as it would have been in life.”

Starting bids at $80 000. Read the whole description here.


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